Will CM attend War-room meeting?

Publish Date:Feb 3, 2014



CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is leaving for New Delhi tomorrow, not that he is invited to attend war-room meeting with his high command, but stage dharna protesting its decision of bifurcation of the state. If so, high command would have ordered him not to come to Delhi. But, it lets him land in Delhi tomorrow morning and stage dharna right under its nose.


CM Kiran has sought President Pranab Mukharji’s appointment for tomorrow or day after tomorrow. If, he is given appointment for tomorrow, he may skip the war-room meeting with his high command, otherwise he has to return to Hyderabad to skip the meeting. Earlier, he avoids attending crucial AICC meeting. He even avoids meeting party state political in-charge Digvijay Singh. So, he is likely to skip this meeting also.


If so, high command would be obliged to take action against him, but it will be too late for it because, by the time he will damage the party reputation with his dharna and rally with his MLAs, MPs and Ministers to President’s palace. Obviously, his dharna and rally will focal point for national media and opposition parties. But, the million dollar question is why high command let him do so?

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