Gift a Bamboo to your loved ones

Publish Date:Jul 24, 2014

Bamboo for Fengshui:Many people give a Lucky Bamboo or Dancing Bamboo as a gift  for housewarming gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, grand openings, award, achievements and other auspicious occasions. Receiving this plant as a gift increases your luck. For those who are still uninitiated about this beautiful green stalk here is what we are talking about.

The lucky bamboo plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth. When you place this plant in the correct spot, it can introduce fire and metal to complete a balance of the five elements. This plant is one of the most recognizable and popular feng shui cures. It's an easy care plant that can survive in any kind of light and can attract auspicious chi energy and in turn energise your home.

Number of stalks matters : Much of the luck that is associated with bamboo comes from the number of stalks bunched together or woven together into an arrangement. The number of stalks determines the kinds of energy the plant attracts into your home and life. The more stalks in the planter, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck.

Two Bamboo Stalks
Two stalks of bamboo as an expression of love. This number also is said to double your luck. Three Bamboo brings three kinds of luck to you:Happiness: Fu, Long Life: Soh and Wealth: Lu (Career promotions)

Five Bamboo Stalks

With the number five, there's one stalk for every area of your life that can bring you wealth. The overall energy attracted to a five bamboo stalk plant is one of health, which is needed to benefit from any of the five areas of your life. You'll want to have a healthy career, healthy relationships, and more. The five stalk bamboo reinforces each of the five areas of your life Emotional,Intuitive,Mental,Physical,Spiritual that can influence the level of wealth for each area.

As the number increase so do the benefits, so the next time you are at loss as to what to buy for your loved ones , this is the easiest and beautiful gift you can buy. And not just gifting your could buy one for yourself too! Here wishing you all the energies in life.

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