Is CM Kiran loyal to his high command?

Publish Date:Jan 22, 2014



Ever since, Congress announces its decision to bifurcate the state, CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is sharply criticizing his high command. However, high command has been very soft and sympathetic on him all these months. Digvijay Singh, Ghulam Nabi Azad and several others have firmly said that CM Kiran is a loyal leader of the party and will be loyal in future also. However, their certificates don’t stop him from criticizing his high command. Many T-Congress and TRS leaders have predicted that his days are numbered, but he is still batting as if he is playing in middle order.


Digvijay Singh, answering to a media question today, said that Congress will not serve show-cause notice to CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. It means still high command is considering him as its loyal leader and will allow him to continue in his post until state is divided into two.


Earlier, Digvijay has told the media that CM Kiran has agreed to supervise the bifurcation process in his capacity. Probably, this is what he means. CM Kiran may ensure the T-bill is returned to Delhi in time, if his high command is quite sure about passing it through Parliament, otherwise he will create hurdles for it at state level to avert humiliation to his high command in Parliament.

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