Publish Date:Aug 27, 2015

Its been 2 weeks since my college started. All its activities have also started in full swing!!


There so many events where you have to showcase your talent in front of the entire class. Be it a class presentation on biotechnology or giving inductions for the dance club! You will have to come forth and show what you have got.


But most of the teenagers have a little voice inside their heads which gives them a doubt on their talents. It is not even a doubt, its just a fear to stand up. That little voice starts growing louder and louder until we fall under it and not step up. There is a constant question, why me? Why now? Why cant I just talk to them in person? Is it necessary to stand there on the dais and look at everybody?


We also wish to be known by everybody. We also wish to be looked upon as extremely cool kids of the campus. But we want to have all that without coming out and putting forth anything. Just secretly, somehow people manage to understand how awesome we are and come to hang out with us. Well ,that is not possible,right?


I completely understand. Because, that was my mentality a few years ago during my schooling. But soon I realized, its not going to help me in anyway. All my friends were fast enough to go way ahead of me and I was left alone sitting in the dark when I had the potential to shine as bright as a diamond. There were elocution competitions and debates and all sorts of interesting stuff. But I wondered if I was good enough to hold the mike and argue with people who had good enough knowledge about everything. I knew to myself, that I was a pretty good orator. But I didn’t know if wanted to show it to everybody. There was always a question at the back of my mind, what if?


Then one fine day, I decided to give it a try. A genuine one. I took part in this elocution competition and practiced for it. Before I went on to the stage, I was really nervous. All the “what if” questions kept coming back to me. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I planned to give  a genuine try and it was not possible if fear overpowered me. So I shoved all the questions to a very dark corner of my mind and went on to the stage. I gave it all I had. The results were out. What are the odds? I got the first place!! Along with the prize I gained lots of praises from teachers and friends. It felt so nice to hear so many compliments, that I was beaming with confidence.



Confidence is the main point here. Winning, losing is a different matter. Although you have to try to win, its absolutely alright if you lose. What matters the most is the confidence with which you come before all the people and project yourself. When you know deep in your heart that you are good at something and there is an opportunity to show case it. Donot step back. Donot hesitate. Remember, Not everyone gets an opportunity. People die to get one. When it is knocking right at your door, just welcome it in with open arms. I am sure you will never regret it. You will definitely learn something.

So,don’t be afraid. Just reach out to your wings and I know you’ll fly.

-Sanjana Kunde

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