BJP plans to trap Congress on T-Bill

Publish Date:Jan 21, 2014



From the day one BJP has been assuring of its unconditional support to T-bill in Parliament. However, no one including Congress is ready to believe its assurances, because supporting the T-bill will no way helpful to it in Telangana, instead it will strengthen Congress party only. So, BJP and Congress parties are playing Tom and Jerry game over passing the T-bill in Parliament.


However, BJP seems is gearing-up for final show by suddenly roping-in its Seemandhra leaders for conducting a rally at New Delhi two days ago, in which its senior leader M.Venakaih Naidu has come clear over his party stand. Quoting the length wish-list submitted by his Seemandhra leaders, he said “They are rightful demands and need to be addressed in the T-bill. Although, we want the Centre create Telangana state, we will propose certain amendments to the T-bill to ensure safeguard the interests of Seemandhra people. Irrespective of our political interests, we will sincerely try to justify both regions in the T-bill.”


Hence, it is understood that BJP is arranging an escape route for it, while cornering Congress party on the T-bill. Congress, which has already put its Seemandhra interests at stake for winning in Telangana, can’t afford to amend the T-bill in favor Seemandhra. So, BJP also can refuse to extend its support to the T-bill.


If Congress fails to create Telangana state before next general elections, definitely it will be wiped-out from Telangana also. However, if BJP declines its support to the T-bill and enter into poll alliance with TDP in Seemandhra, definitely it can expect some benefits for keeping the state unite, at least for time being.

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