Warning- Don’t make your Aadhar number public


R.S. Sharma- The chairman of Telephone Regulatory Authority of India has challenged the public to access his personal details through his Aadhar number. This challenge has pathetically backfired causing severe embarrassment to the government. Every detail associated with the Aadhar number of R.S. Sharma were soon could be seen everywhere. These included his banks accounts and pictures as well. UIDAI, the institution responsible for the issuing of Aadhar had to step in to put an end to the circus. It has issued a statement warning not to disclose your Aadhar number- "Aadhaar is a unique identity which can be authenticated to prove one's identity for various services, benefits and subsidies. UIDAI in its regular media campaigns has been consistently making people aware not to display or publish or share their Aadhaar number in public domain," said the statement issued by UIDAI.