Zen living spaces

Publish Date:Feb 11, 2014





Zen spaces have become the latest trend used in today’s interior designing concept. It involves using minimalistic usage of spaces, furniture and accessories. The Zen concept is perfect for a peaceful and relaxing scenario where you can be relaxed and feel reinvigorated after a hard day at work. When we speak of Zen, it includes the five elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. These are classic elements from various traditions but are usually incorporated to get a Zen look. Fire includes the fireplace, fire bowls and candles. Earth includes stones, pebbles and plants. Water can be added by placing images of water scenes or a water fountain. Metal can be seen in materials used for the furniture, frames and sculptures. Wood can also be seen furniture or you can get that from bamboo and tree decorations.

Zen spaces are clear and make use of sleek and clean lines which are also clutter-free. You can create these spaces for your entire home or to a particular room. So try creating a Zen like look for your home with these few tips.

1. Earthy colours.

Using soft earthy colors of soft tones like gray, white, and those with the shade of beige or pink beige are prescribed. Nothing too loud and in the face. These colors should make one feel relaxed.

2. Use local and natural fabric.

Using the local and natural fabrics that are comfortable and would add a softer look to your area is recommended. The idea is to make your home appear more relaxing and elegant.

3. Simple furniture.

No intricate designs and complicated lines are prescribed for the sofas and dining tables, as this will not gel with the Zen look. Choose those that are minimal in design but still looks good and functional for your interior.

4. Reduce decorations.

Your decorations should also be less and with not too many items on display. You should also avoid colorful paintings and lots of framed pictures on the wall. Everything has to be simple. You also need to de clutter and remove anything not needed for the house. The key to achieve a Zen ambiance is to keep a clean home .

5. Add natural scents and plants

You can make use of natural scents to enhance your room using essential oils, scented candles, and other scents that you can use. Adding greens plants like the Feng shui bamboos and small plants like Bonsais inside the home is a good way to create a Zen look. Try using pebbles and other small rocks in a corner of your spaces to create a pleasant Chinese oriental look.


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