Publish Date:Jan 9, 2016


Any Home would come alive with good furniture. With the advent of readymade furniture, we have hundreds of shops to step in and thousands of designs to choose. The online shopping portals too were on a rise! But a few tips were being suggested by the experts, before we purchase the furniture…


Quality inside!

With all the painting or decorative laminates, a piece of furniture might look gorgeous. But let’s know its contents. There is no harm in asking some questions, because furniture is supposed to stay with us for decades together! Find out the raw material with which the stuff is made of. Because even the particle boards (made out of sawdust and wood chips) can look attractive outside! If the seller is patient enough, try to probe into the kind of wood or the quality of plywood that was used.


While we go on shopping furniture, we often forget the space constraint. It’s better to have clarity on the dimensions. A book shelf might look awesome in the store, but it may kill the space in your hall. Note down the maximum space you can afford for furniture. Be sure that it won’t prove to be an obstacle for a walk or to open a door.


As you stand before a cabinet and has almost decided to purchase it… pose a question to yourself! Would it suit your requirement? You might have chosen the stylish and strongest cabinet, but requirement is something else. You may have a huge collection of miniatures or a complete set of encyclopedia. Choose the furniture in such a way that it would of maximum benefit to store and display your hard earned valuables.


A piece of new furniture would completely change the look of your house. So be careful that it won’t be an eyesore. The color of the furniture should match the walls, and its make should be uniform with the rest of the furniture. There is no harm in trying old furniture to suit your requirement. Indeed, old furniture is often stronger but cheaper than the new ones.

Price burden

People often purchase all the furniture at once. It might be due to the temptation for a combo price, or the zeal to fill up the new house. But it’s always better to purchase the furniture as per the growing requirements. Bargains, comparisons and festival offers would also save some bucks. Some sellers may even offer payments through installments. But don’t alter your judgment just for the sake of availing the installment benefits.

A few more precautions need to be mentioned before making any conclusions about the furniture. The process of installation, terms of warranty and conditions for returning the goods should also be studied carefully.



- Nirjara.

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