Why Excessive Sleeping is bad!

Publish Date:Nov 12, 2013




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Excessive sleeping poses many problems to health. It refers to a state is which one may experience the feeling of dozing off  when it is time for waking up and become lethargic during the course of the day even after having sufficient sleep. Individuals may experience fatigue and unpredictable mood swings.



This habit of excessive sleeping is also called as hypersomnia which is mainly caused due to inadequate sleep during the right sleeping period, medication, sleep disorders, working in shifts, and few psychological problems.

The different signs of excessive sleeping are fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, dozing off while travelling or at work place and is also observed in people who are obese and those having obstructive sleep apnoea. There are some negative health effects of excessive sleeping such as irritability, abnormal gain in weight, hypertension, and increased risk of accidents, reduced productivity and lack of appetite.

These are some of the signs of excessive sleeping and in case you observe such behaviour in your family, friends and social circle, it is important that you identify the root cause and seek medical intervention. It is better to address the root of the problem than simply curing the external symptoms or signs.

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