Pulling the socks up


Winter is a season where in we want to tuck ourseleves in the bed for more time,and be warm...We don't feel like doing anything in the morning times. But time will stop for none,neither your responsibilities . Cooking meals, Packing boxes and getting ready for the day will never stop unless and until you are on a holiday or you are a man..Women are the only ones who have this problem in Indian scenario.

So in these dull winter mornings for any women going for a workout or a walk will virtually be out of their routine. And we have N number of reasons tell, "i will catch cold, have sinus,body is paining,etc.".But where will the calories go, of the hot samosas,mirchi bajji and hot masala things u ate the whole day?of the hot teas u drank every hour?.The the lethargy you show in these winter days will allow the calories to sit quietly in our body and enhance the fat tissues,thats why we feel we are more heavier in winter when compared to any other season.

Now what can we do to pull ourselves out of that warm blanket and flush out those calories from our body??

* Make an attempt sleep early,as early as possible, because sleep deprivation will never allow you to get out of the bed on a winter morning.

* Try and eat less oil/fats as far as possible, so that even if you are not working out some days fat deposites won't me much

* Cheat for some days ,pamper your body with ample fats ,but with a sincere promise to your own self to shed the fat soon(This will give u guilty free enjoyment)

* Tell yourself that you are doing work out for your own good,not to show off, so that you won't cheat the mins of work out

* Lastly ...Never torture your body with heavy work out,even for a day. Go slow. If you try to compensate a missing day of workout  on the next work out session...your body will totally give up, and you will remain a loser at the end of the day..

Keep rocking,love your body in what ever shape n size it is, love your work outs....Be healthy!!

- Pushpa Bhaskar