Veg Toasted Sandwich Recipe




Wheat flour - 3 Spoons

Salt - 1 Spoons

Milk -150 Ml

Pepper powder - 1 Spoons

Carrot - 1  grated

Cucumber - 1  grated

Celery - 1 stem chopped

Cabbage - 40g

Brown Bread slices - 8

Lettuce - 50g


* Roast the wheat flour in a pan till light brown, add NESTLÉ Slim Milk slowly into this, stirring constantly. Cook to make a thick sauce. Add salt and pepper powder.

* Remove from fire. Add the grated carrot, cucumber, chopped celery and cabbage. Mix well.

* Top 4 bread slices with lettuce leaves and spread vegetable filling over this. Cover each bread slice with another bread slice.

* Place each in a sandwich toaster and cook till brown.