Carrot Methi Pachadi





 1. Heat half a tbsp of oil in a non-stick pan. Add the garlic, cumin, split gram dal, bengal gram, red chillis and mustard seeds and stir on medium heat till the dals turn slightly red. Once it turns red remove the roasted spices, and keep aside.
2. And now in the same pan, add a tsp of oil add the slit green chilli and grated carrot saute it till the rawness of carrot disappears (approx 3-4 mts).then take it in bowl and keep aside.
3Again in the same pan, add another tsp of oil and saute the methi leaves for 3 mts. And take it in a another bowl and let it cool.
4. Grind the roasted dal mixture first, followed by the sauteed carrot and methi, jaggery along with salt, to a coarse paste without adding any water.
5 Heat oil in a pan for the Seasoning, add the mustard seeds, let them pop and add the split gram dal and curry leaves and fry till the dal turns red. Add this seasoning along with lemon juice to the ground pachadi. Serve with hot steamed rice.