Things Women should never do in the Gym!



Women are obsessed about staying in shape But very few make it a point to regularly work out. And the ones who do workout, tend to do certain mistakes which reduces the effectiveness of the workout on the body. So here are some tips and tricks to make your workout sessions more effective. The key is, just do these while you are working out at the Gym!

Never make your mouth work more than your body:  True that girls love to bond and talk about every single topic under the sun, but not always is it the right time to do so. Not at least while you are at the gym. Gym time is not a time to socialise.Its perfectly alright to exchange pleasantries with the people you know at the gym when you enter, standing around or even worse is sitting on machines or benches but not using them and chatting non stop about how your day went, how your weekend was or talking about your favourite tv soaps is a complete no no. Gym is not a place for this.

Do not focus on having a Gym buddy, Focus on yourself:  It is true to an extent that you feel more pumped up while you are with your buddies while you are working out, but It's another thing entirely to follow your boyfriend/husband/ girl friends around the whole time you're at the gym, never leaving their side and not actually training yourself while they're trying to do work. By this you are wasting your own time by just following them around and not actually training yourself.

Don't give your appearance in the gym more importance:  Ladies, gym isn't a place to show off. And your appearance while working out would not matter much as everyone around is coming there just to train focusing on themselves. Its time to stop walking to the mirror in between every single set to check and make sure everything's still intact. No one really cares what you're doing! All that matters is you and your fitness.

Do no follow your peer's gym routine, your body is unique:  Every person's body is unique and the same gym routine would not be effective for everyone. So if you see someone doing an exercise you think looks interesting and want to attempt it yourself, its nice to have the motivation and desire to try something new to improve your training, but don't just copy that. Ask your trainer what to do and what not to. Don't be afraid to ask your trainer or an experienced person at the gym as exactly how you should be performing the exercise, what weight you should start at, etc. It's only to your benefit to start off doing things right from the beginning with right training.

Cardio machine is not the only thing at Gym,Don’t spend hours on one it: Yes, cardio is central to fat loss, but if you spend more than 50 per cent of your workout time on it, then you might just not be doing the right thing. To really improve your shape, weight training is important as well. Your body will drain its glycogen stores doing weights, so if you do 20 minutes of cardio afterwards your body will switch to burning fat. And that is how it should be done.