Natural Beauty Foods


Talk about beauty foods for natural radiance.that you can use to make your own face masks, hair masks, face scrubs, & other beauty treatments.

Green tea - Full of antioxidants and helpful for reducing redness, rinsing your face in cool green tea is a great way to gently soothe skin.

Avocado - An excellent moisturizer, avocado is great as a face mask, mashed up in hair, or use just about anywhere you could use a little extra hydration.

Cherries - Another antioxidant superstar, these guys are also great for evening out skin tone.

Oatmeal - For a fast-acting soother, look no further than oatmeal, which has major anti-inflammatory properties. You can drop it in the bath, slather it on your face, or even use it as a gentle scrub.

Papaya - Want to decongest your skin fast? The papain in this fruit makes one of the best enzyme masks around.

Lemon - The acid in this fruit can whiten nails, give your hair natural-looking highlights, and help slough off dry, flaky skin.

Egg white - Not just for omelets anymore, egg white masks are a classic way to improve tone and texture.

Olive oil - This kitchen staple is great for hydrating hair and smooth dry spots on skin.

Sugar - There's no sweeter natural exfoliant. Mix this with a little olive, almond, or apricot oil for a great lip and body scrub.

Honey - This natural antimicrobial also soothes and draws moisture into skin. Use it in masks or as a spot treatment.