Home Remedies for Gray Hair

Hair color or pigmentation is determined by the two types of melanin, known as eumelanin and pheomelanin. High level of eumelanin gives the hair a dark brown or black coloration, while pheomelanin imparts the yellow to red-brown color to the hair.

White hair or premature graying of hair is a common site nowadays due to faulty diet and mental worries which are important causes in premature graying of hairs. Other causes of premature graying of hair are unhygienic scalp, washing the hairs with hot water, using drier for drying it and use of artificial hair colors, Unhygienic scalp, using drier for dry the hair, Aging , Genetic Factors , Vitamin Deficiency , Thyroid Disorders , Vitiligo , Stress and Anxiety , Pernicious Anemia, pollution and smoking.

Natural Treatment for White and Gray Hair

* Gooseberries are one of the important components in treating white hair. The fruit is taken and cut to pieces. It should be dried in shade. Direct sunlight should be avoided. This dried pieces are heated in coconut oil till the matter turns into thick dark oil. This should be applied every day.

* Hair should be washed with a preparation made with dried Gooseberry soaked in water overnight. This preparation can also be used for massage.

* Butter prepared from cow’s milk is beneficial in prevention of premature white hair.

* Ribbed gourd can also be used in same way as Gooseberries. This is also as effective as Gooseberries.

* Massage your hair daily with lemon and coconut oil. Do this for fifteen minutes every day.

* Your diet must include foods that are rich in minerals like iron, sodium, copper and vitamin B. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is also beneficial as they are rich in antioxidants that help in fighting the free radicals that cause premature graying.

* Over consumption of coffee and tea should be avoided as it nullifies the effectiveness of the vital nutrients, thus stimulating the rate of hair graying.

* Eating Sesame seeds daily and applying its oil regularly helps gray hair to turn black.

* Regularly applying Butter or Butter mixed with Fenugreek powder on the scalp and taking bath with cold water helps to overcome gray hair problem.

* Guava (Amrud) leaves grinded and applied regularly on the hair before taking bath helps gray hair to turn black slowly.

* Massaging scalp regularly with ghee (Prepared from cow milk) also helps to overcome gray hair problem.

* Drinking Carrot juice everyday helps to keep hair black and helps to overcome gray hair problem.

* Neem seeds grinded and applied on the scalp and boiled Neem leaves used for washing hair helps gray hair to turn black slowly.