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Dev Movie Review

on Feb 14, 2019


Cast – Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan, Nikki Galrani & others

Cameraman – Velraj R

Music – Harris Jayaraj

Producer – S Lakshman Kumar

Directed By – Rajath Ravishankar

Release Date – 14th Feb 2019


Once upon a time Karthi had a good market in Telugu. But with a series of flops, Karthi market has gone down. After “Khaki”, expectations from Karthi went up. But after the release of “Chinnababu” Karthi’s graph went down. Among these roll-a-coasters, how “Dev” has performed, let us read the review.


Dev Ramalingam (Karthi) is a rich kid & is a photographer, adventurer and mountaineer by profession. Meghna (Rakul Preet Singh) is an entrepreneur from San Francisco. Dev sees Meghana’s profile via facebook & starts liking her. The duo plan to meet in India. But suddenly something happens & they part ways. Why did they part ways? Will they meet again? Answer to these questions form the movie story.


Dev tries hard to be a stylish love story but does not even match a normal story. Karthi seems absolutely aweful with zero acting. Rakul seems just a glam doll in the movie. Throughout the movie Prakash Raj just stares at his son. Others just test the audience’s patience.

Plus Points:

Background Music


Minus Points

Story, Screenplay, Direction


Confused Characterization


There are no scenes where Karthi can give his best. Thus, he is in a helpless position thinking what & how should he present himself in the movie.

“Kantri ki Brand Ambassador la Undi” is a dialogue written by Trivikram for Iliyana. We can relate this for Rakul in this movie. She looks extremely skinny & seems her beauty will evaporate soon.

The director failed to utilize the potential of finest actors like Prakash Raj & Ramya Krishnan. All the other artists tested the patience of audience.


Karthi is portrayed as a youngster in the movie. But if we keep his adventurous scenes in the movie aside & try to search his acting – we cannot find it. Singing this movie was Kathi’s biggest adventure. After knowing all this, audience going to watch the movie will be yet another adventure. It is good to stay away from the movie.


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