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Choco Chip Cup Cakes




Dark Chocolate    - 200 gm

Butter                   - 100 gm

Eggs                     - 3

Castor Sugar        - 200 gm

Flour                     - 80 gm

Cocoa powder      - 10 gm

Vanilla extract       - 1 tsp

Coffee powder      - 1 tbsp

Choco chips          - 1/2 Cup

Nutella                   - 3 tbspn


* Sieve the flour, coffee and cocoa powder two to three times and keep it aside.

* Then, melt the Butter, Nutella and chocolate together. Bring them down to room temperature.

* To this mixture, add the castor sugar and whisk. Add the eggs one by one.

* Add the vanilla extract and whisk again. Slowly fold the flour, coffee and cocoa powder with the mixture.

* Pour this mixture into cup cake liners and sprinkle Choco chips on top of it.

* Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for 30-35 minutes.

* Garnish with some more Nutella and Choco Chips and serve it.



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