CM Kiran reveals high command’s intentions

Publish Date:Jan 22, 2014



CM Kiran is categorically announced that he is opposing bifurcation of the state and the T-bill, not because he is opposing creation of Telangana but keeping in view of the problems that will arise out of it.


He said “All the committees and Commissions have made it clear that a state can be divided only if it is helpful for development in both regions. They also said that a state can be divided only with the consent of the people. Even former Prime Minister late Jawaharlal Nehru also opined the same. But, unfortunately my party is dividing the state against the will of majority people.”


This statement made by CM Kiran is revealing that Congress high command opts for bifurcation as a part of its political strategy to win the upcoming elections and not for the sake of Telangana people or succumbing to their agitations. If, Congress high command is really concerned about entire state it wouldn’t take such a hasty decision ahead of elections.

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