Toothpaste Can Be Harmful for Children


Supermarkets have sweet and fun toothpaste flavors like orange, peach, strawberry and tutti-frutti targeted at children.

But a clueless parent may be taken in by obscure or absent label warnings about toxic chemical contents.Teeth cleaner sweet toothpaste has now become an integral part of Lifestyle.

But the chemicals often found in it may have adverse impact on health. This amount is dangerous for little kids. Due to this, process of mouth enzymes is disrupted and gum cells become weak.

Some toothpaste surfactant & foaming agent is also present. Surfactant is originally a detergent. These two agents help in removing the dirt of mouth. In foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulfate is present which damage the liver.

Young children are expected to follow brushing motions, spit out the foam from the mouth, rinse and gargle, all while taking care not to swallow toothpaste. But what usually happens is that the children end up swallowing some amounts of toothpaste.

We are need to consider how to protect our children from fluoride-overdose. Some manufacturers display the fluoride content in their products in ppm (parts per million). Others specify percentages and there are still others who display nothing about fluoride content of their products.

Some steps that you as a parent can take to protect children aged less than 7 years from fluoride exposure.

1. Choose to use no-fluoride or low-fluoride children's toothpastes.

2. The amount of toothpaste used one time should only be the size of a pea.

3. Minimize the risk of swallowing of toothpaste, supervise your child's brushing.

4. Educate and motivate your children to spit out the toothpaste and not to swallow it.

5. Unless recommended by a medical professional, avoid using fluoride supplements like drops, tablets or pills for young children.

6. Only usy no-fluoride or low-fluoride dental floss and mouthwashes for kids.