Sun Safety Tips For Babies

Sun Safety for Babies, Top Sun Safety Tips, Sunburn Sun Safety Tips Kids, Sun Protection Safety Tip: What matters is the time when expose your child to the sun. When the sun rays are the harshest, they can burn your baby’s skin badly. Read on to know such more facts about baby sun protection and tips to protect your baby from the harmful rays of sun.

* Set a time to expose your baby in the sun, preferably not between 11-3 as run rays are the harshest at this time and will harm your baby’s skin, instead of benefiting it.

* If you are exposing your baby to sunlight, cover him/her with light colored fabric, such as light blue or white, covering the head as well, as these colors do not absorb fully the sunlight but reflect it back. Always place the baby in such a position that his/her back is facing the sun. In this way, he/she will only get the healthy sunlight energy.

* If your baby is more than 6 month old, you can also buy some non-alcoholic, milky sun creams for them and apply it all over the exposed parts to seek more protection.

* You need to ensure that after you expose the baby to sunlight, he/she doesn’t get any rashes on the skin, as it a sign of allergy and need not be overlooked.

* Look for toy sunglasses which have 100% protection from sun rays as pupil in their eyes absorb more light in the sun, which is not safe for your baby.

* Get a nice thick cloth shady toddler for your baby, in case you are going outside and needs to take your baby with you.

* Your baby’s lips are also very sensitive. Always use petroleum jelly to shield lips from sun even on cloudy days, as most of the sunrays penetrate through clouds and can be harmful.

* If despite all possible efforts your baby does get sunburns, seek treatment for it and give your baby lots of fluids