Its OK to be Bored

Step off the hectic, hyper-parenting wheel sometimes!

Too much of organizing the child's calender with School, Co-Curricular activites, and music/ games coaching during the weekends...dont you feel its getting too busy? Organised activities are good for nourishment but the kids are not learning to entertain themselves. Suddenly someday when you are busy with your work or ill, and you cant take them to their friends' place or tuitions, they keep nagging "I am Bored" every 5 minutes. They have to know how to entertain themselves. And that is why, letting the kids be bored is good sometimes.

There are so many kids in most of the neighborhoods but you never see them playing outside these days, as they are all running from one activity to the other, through the week. There is no one found if you want to set up a playdate for your children.

It takes courage to accept that everything's going to be just fine if you dont enroll your kids for piano, basketball, math classes, and chess etc. Specialists say "Kids dont have to experience everything before age 8. Leave them something to discover on their own. and hanging around the house is wonderful--we dont have to protect our children from boredom. Infact, kids will figure out something to do when left to entertain themselves and discover new games or new hobbies/ special interests of their own"


- Prathyusha Talluri

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