Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Fashion tips tall girls, clothes short girls, style for short girls: Short girls have some advantages in the fashion world. It can be harder for tall girls to find clothing. You can only add some much length to a pair of pants or a skirt by letting down the hemline, but you can take up a pair of pants as much as you need to get a perfect fit. If you are a shorter girls, your goal is likely to give the illusion of length.

* While we love the colorblock trend, it really can leave you looking blocky, with too many colors breaking up the silhouette. Try donning shades of a single color from head to toe to really elongate the silhouette and give the illusion of height.

* No matter your height, you should always consider proportions when picking out a flattering outfit. For short girls, high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts create the look of longer legs and thus a taller silhouette.

* One of the most fun fashion tips for short girls is to wear high-heeled shoes. Whether you’re comfortable in platforms or just want a bit of a lift, a pair of heels will physically make you taller. If heels aren’t you thing, then try wedges or booties. If you’re completely uncomfortable in heels, or the situation just doesn’t call for them, try to…

* They give the appearance of added height, but leave you comfortable enough to strut. Tottering around heels is never a good thing, and when it comes to shoes, you should also…

* When it comes to dark colored shoes, you will absolutely want to avoid any ankle straps, because they make the ankle appear wider, instead of longer. If you’re wearing shoes in a nude shade similar to your skin, you should still be okay with a thin ankle strap.