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on Aug 1, 2014

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Story :

Maaya revolves around the life of famous fashion designer, Siddharth Varma (Harshavardhan Rane) and TV Journalist, Meghana (Avanthika). The duo meet during a TV show and they eventually fall in love over a period of time. However, both of them do not express this love inspite of knowing what they feel for each other. On a parallel track, Meghana starts encountering visions of mere future which is otherwise termed as Extra Sensory Perception. Through these visions, she ends up knowing about a lot of shocking scenarios and that also includes incidents related to Siddharth. In the meanwhile, a new character Pooja (Sushma Raj) enters into the picture and she comes in as Siddharth's fiance. The story takes a twist towards the end of the first half. The thrill and suspense designed in the second half, is the strength of Maaya. In addition to this, the flashback featuring Vaishali is pretty vital to the entire story. Will Meghana's visions come true ? Does she manage to find a solution for this ? Are her assumptions right ? Is she suspecting the right person ? Will she win back her love ? These questions will reach a conclusion only towards the climax !!!

Analysis :

Maaya is one of the perfectly designed scripts which comes under the genre of Thriller. The screeenplay is the soul of Maaya although there are drawbacks in executing the project in perfection. Actors might not satisfy the audience but the script on the whole will absolutely do. Maaya has turned to be a wonderful experiment that will build courage among young film makers to try something out of the box.

Performances :

Harshavardhan Rane has done a commendable job when it comes to performance. Talking about looks, we all know that he is a handsome hunk.

Avanthika could have added more life in her performance.

Sushma's acting was more like an over-exaggeration to a simple situation.

Technical Analysis :

Direction :

A National Award winning director like Neelakanta has made a perfect comeback into films after a very long time. Experimenting a concept like Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) requires a lot of guts and this man has got it. A little dose of magic went missing because of minor errors here and there. However, this effort of experimenting a new concept with a decent budget is commendable.

Cinematography :

Camera work plays a vital role in thriller flicks and that has been done in a flawless and neat manner when it comes to Maaya. Locations and actors were portrayed in the best possible manner. Bal Reddy has done his work in class.

Music :

Shekhar Chandra has given soothing melodies for Maaya and also managed to design intense background scores which added spice to the thrill in scenes.

Plus Points :


Background Scores

Flawless Camera Work

Minus Points :

Performances of female leads

Errors in execution.

Bottom Line :

Maaya is a sincere effort on giving something worthy and new to the audience. Although it takes time for Telugu audience to appreciate such ideas, it is nevertheless great for a single watch.

Rating : 3/5 (Rating Given For a Unique Concept in particular)


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