Foods To Eat & Avoid During Ulcer



For Stomach Ulcers

Foods To Eat :

Hunger and overeating should be avoided. So it is beneficial to eat four to five light meals throughout the day. Intersperse these with snacks in between.

Eat more of milk, fish and eggs in each meal. These will supplement the much required protein. Take a glass of raw goat milk every day.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day.

Boil cabbage leaves in water and drink it like a soup. This is very good in providing relief from the ulcers.

Drink almond milk which is made by blanching almonds in a blender.

Eat bananas throughout the day.

To keep the acidity of the stomach at the lowest level, take antacids one to three hours before a meal.

The food must be chewed properly so that it gets easily digested. You should also eat slowly and be relaxed.


Foods To Avoid :

Do not go to bed just after eating. Ensure a gap of at least three hours before sleeping.

Do not take bed time snacks as it can cause gastric acid secretion at night.

Avoid coffee, tea and other beverages as they can cause discomfort to the body.

Though milk gives relief, it must not be used as a substitute to antacids.


For Oral Ulcers

Foods To Eat :

Eat only those foods that are easy to digest.

Carrot juice fast for a period of one to three days is excellent.

Drink two to three glasses of wheatgrass juice every day.

Increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin B12, like shell fish, soy products.

Eat soft grains that are well cooked.

The vegetables should not be cooked too much.

Take plenty of vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits like lime and orange.

Foods To Avoid :

Completely avoid or minimize dairy products and oily foods.

Sweet eatables like candies and pastries should be avoided.

Do not consume raw fruits.

Too much salt content in foods is also harmful.

It is better not to take animal proteins.