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He Reveals Reason For Pawan Hating Him

on Oct 17, 2017

Angry hero Rajasekhar who has been going through lean phase will next be seen in an action thriller film PSV Garuda Vega which is being made on a huge budget of Rs 25 crores. In an interview with a leading TV channel to promote PSV Garuda Vega Rajasekhar revealed the reason for Power Star Pawan Kalyan hating him.

As we all know, all is not well between Rajasekhar and mega family. Rajasekhar criticized mega brothers and their political party Praja Rajyam Party then. Pawan Kalyan showed his anger on Rajasekhar by imitating him in the film Gabbar Singh. Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha expressed her agony for Pawan Kalyan imitating her husband in a humorous way post release of the film.

At last, Rajasekhar opened up about the issue of Pawan Kalyan hating him. “I criticized mega brothers and Praja Rajyam Party during early days of the party was floated. Apparently, Pawan Kalyan didn’t like it and he started hating me. That’s why he made fun of me and also expressed his anger with a single scene in Gabbar Singh where he imitated me in a funny manner.”

Interim, Rajasekhar pins all hopes on Garuda Vega which is due for release sometime this year.

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