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Sri Reddy could name me next- Vishal

on Jun 18, 2018

Sri Reddy stepped into news again with her fresh allegations over Nani. And Nani has of course slapped a legal notice regarding the allegations. As everyone who knew about Sri Reddy didn’t dare to step in support of Nani. However a voice of support was heard from an unexpected quarter. The Tamil- Telugu actor Vishal came forward in support of Nani. "I know him (Nani) well. He is a very good friend of mine. But I am not defending him for personal reasons. This latest accusation by her (Sri Reddy) is perhaps the most outrageous yet.

Anybody who knows Nani knows how particular he is in his behaviour towards men and women" said Vishal to the media. Hitting at the random attitude of Sri Reddy he added, "She should come forward with evidence of her accusations rather than just naming anyone. It seems like she's picking her targets randomly. For all we know, I might be the next one to be named by her." Well now it would be interesting to hear what Sri Reddy has to say!

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