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Awe Review

on Feb 16, 2018

Cast: Kajal Agarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Srinivas Avasarala, Murali Sharma, Rohini, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Devadarshini, Kaitlyn D’mello etc.
Direction: Prashanth Varma
Banner: Wall Poster Cinema
Producers: Nani, Prashanti Tipirneni
Music: Mark K Robin
Release Date: Feb 16, 2018

Nani is the most successful star in Tollywood right now. Though he hasn’t acted in Awe, he produced the film besides giving voice over for fish. What’s more, Ravi Teja provided his voice for tree. Prominent actors like Kajal Agarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Srinivas Avasarala, Murali Sharma, Rohini, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Devadarshini etc. played crucial roles in the film. Let’s see whether Awe has any stunning elements…

Awe is definitely a unique film with the concept of anthology and child and women abuse in society. The story runs at a food court where different characters are introduced. Kali (Kajal Agarwal) comes to the food court and fills a form to donate her organs. Shiva (Srinivas Avasarala) is a scientist making time machine to visit to his parents. (Regina Cassandra) in association with her boyfriend is on a machine to rob money from an investor who came to the food court to sign a deal with owner of the restaurant. Radha (Esha Rebba) and Krishnaveni (Nithya Menen) are lesbians wishing to marry with the acceptance of parents of the former. Yogi (Murali Sharma) is a magician who feels to be the best magician. Nala (Priyadarshi) who doesn’t know anything has come to the restaurant to work as chef. How Kali is related to all these characters is biggest twist revealed in the climax.

1. Unique Plot
2. Artists Performance

1. Complex Narrative
2. Srinivas Avasarala and Murali Sharma Episodes
3. Lack Of Fun Elements
4. The film may not connect to mass audience

Awe has unique plot and has been narrated in different style. It’s all about child and women abuse in the society. Entire movie runs at one place that is a food court. All the lead characters including Kajal Agarwal come to the place on different assignments. Priyadarshi who is ineligible to do anything in life comes to the place to work as a chief. He cheats his boss and prepares dishes by watching YouTube videos. He is also supported by a fish named Nani. In fact, this is the only entertaining part of the film. Eesha Rebba and Nitha Menen’s episode brings irritation initially but it has lots of depth. Regina’s look and character reminds us of the lead role in the Hollywood flick ‘Girl With Dragon Tattoo’. Normal audience may not connect to Srinivas Avasarala’s episode. Murali Sharma’s part tests your patience. Kajal Agarwal is interlinked to all these characters which are revealed in the climax. Twist in the climax is shocking and all the confusions are cleared here.

Artists Performances:

Kajal Agarwal looked adorable even without makeup. She gave wonderful performance as woman suffering from depression. Regina is mind-blowing- both look wise and performance wise. She appeared as a girl addicted to drugs. Priyadarshi is funny. The combination episodes of Priyadarshi with fish (Nani voice) and tree (Ravi Teja voice) are hilarious. Nithya Menen and Eesha Rebba were good as lesbians. In fact, respect is grown after knowing an interesting fact. Srinivas Avasarala played his part neatly, but this episode appears to be more complicated. Murali Sharma was good as a magician but his part was the most boring in the film. Other artists were cool.

Technical Aspect:
Prashanth Varma has penned a never-seen-before unique story. But, his story-telling was not so impressive. He touched a good point of child abuse. After watching climax, we will get clarity for many doubts. Dialogues were decent. Cinematography by Karthi Ghattamaneni is high in standard and Mark K Robin provided apt music for an experimental film. Production values of Wall Poster Cinema are top notch.

Awe is only for targeted audience. Chances are pretty low for the film to rake at least decent numbers at ticket window.

TeluguOne Perspective:
Unique Experiment Gone Wrong

Rating: 1.5

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