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What is SS in Rajamouli's Name
Apr 21, 2011 Like This :

What does modern Telugu cinema ace director SS Rajamouli mean? Not only the general public but also guys from Telugu movies have no clue about Rajamouli's surname. In fact many are curious to know about what does SS stand for in Rajamouli's initials. Rajamoulli's father name is V Vijayendra Prasad so this means Rajamouli's surname should start with V and not S. So what's the interesting element here. So let's uncover the mystery.


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It seems Rajamouli's parents used to visit any one of the Jyothirlingalu for every Sivarathri. One day, when Rajamouli's mother was in Srisailam for Sivarathri, in her dream, she saw a Swamiji, who kept a baby boy in her lap. When she returned back from Srisailam, she gave birth to Rajamouli. Then she named her baby boy as Srisaila Sri Rajamouli – his full name. So Srisaila Sri Rajamouli is his name and SS is not his surname.

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