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Srinivasa Kalyanam Review

on Aug 9, 2018

After Shatamanam Bhavati’s success, director Satish Vegesna is back with a new outing and a renewed confidence. It can be observed in the way, Srinivasa Kalyanam has been executed.

Srinivasa Kalyanam unit has been promoting the movie on a huge scale. As a part of their promotion, they had also promised the couples who will be getting married in Sravana Masam – pattu vastram for the wedding. Wow! That was unique – but now that the movie has hit the silver screens, let us see has it amazed the audience?




Vasu (Nithin) is a well-educated youth who belongs to a joint family. He falls in love with Sri (Raashi Khanna) and confronts her father (Prakash Raj) about his love. On the other hand, Sri’s father is a rich business man who does not believe in the formalities of marriage and traditions. Rest of the story is as to how Vasu takes things into his own hands and make his wedding happen in a traditional note by changing Sri’s father’s mindset.


The director is only bothered about what he wants to say rather than pace and other issues. So, if we look at it from the director’s perspective like the lead character does in the movie, he has done a fair job. But, like the lead character, he becomes boring very soon and that is the problem with the film.


Nithin is perfectly suitable for the role. In fact, he has been doing the same sort of roles recently and developed a screen presence required for the genre. It can be felt in the romantic scenes with the heroine where the actor develops a chemistry. Unfortunately for him, he has been riddled with a weak and boring characterization.

Raashi Khanna has never looked this beautiful. She is gorgeous and has a great pairing with Nithiin. Their chemistry should have been better utilized.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Overall, Srinivasa Kalyanam is like a beautiful painting that is lifeless. We can stare at its beauty but can’t feel anything. The emotional response is missing and that is the movie’s biggest failure making it an average movie at best.

Rating : 2

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