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Get Out Of India Girls -Priyamani

on May 4, 2016

Expressing her dissent at the rape attempt on a girl in Bangalore and the brutal rape-murder of another girl Jisha in Kerala, Priyamani made some strong comments. But some of her fans mistook them and started blasting her back.

Priyamani's comments on social network read: "Appalled and shocked to read about yet another tragic rape and murder!i don't think India is safe anymore for women. Someone in Bangalore is picked up in the middle of the night and was almost on the verge of being raped..and then this!#sick#india not safe!. If this is the way it's going..Women and Girls in India I pls beg all of u to get out of India and live elsewhere where it is safer"

With her tweets taken in negative stride, she further said: "have never spoken against our country! I have only expressed my feelings towards the untoward incidents which have occurred and r still occurring! How is this anti India??"

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