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Pawan Gets Their Backing, Good Or Bad?

on Mar 20, 2017

Almost all political outfits have their own media house (newspaper, news channel) to endorse own party and also to criticize opposition party. When Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan doesn’t even have sufficient funds to run the party, how can he start his own TV channel? However, he gets assistance in media, in the form of TV9 head Ravi Prakash and NTV CEO Tummala Narendranath Chowdary lending their support to Pawan Kalyan and his political party.

TV9 and NTV were given telecasting rights of Pawan Kalyan’s film Katamarayudu. Heads of the two channels came for the event and spoke positively about Pawan Kalyan. Ravi Prakash went a step ahead by praising Pawan Kalyan for questioning state and central governments in the crucial situations. He requested youth to support Pawan Kalyan in politics.

It is now evident that, Pawan Kalyan will have big backing from the two TV channels- TV9 and NTV. But, the question is it good or bad for Jana Sena getting this support?

If you observe, Pawan Kalyan has been reacting to all issues raised by TV 9 in recent times, including Uddanam’s Kidney problem. It is good until, the channels support Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena Party. But, things will turn adverse if the channels overpower Pawan Kalyan.

Let’s see how Pawan Kalyan balances equation with both the TV channels!

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