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Nikhil's Keshava Review...

on May 19, 2017

Nikhil's 'Keshava' has been carrying positive buzz for quite some time as the teasers and trailer impressed the viewers.

Now that Nikhil has delivered a good number of crime thrillers such as 'Swamy Raa Raa', 'Karthikeya' and 'Ekkadikee Pothavu Chinnavada', his new film, that has been made as a revenge drama, is also getting good hype among film circles. 

Lets check out the movie now... Nikhil came out with the new concept in this movie, that he has some medical issue. His heart is located on the right side, which means he cannot get angry, emotional or excited at all. That will endanger his life. The complete story depends up on how he is going to take his revenge on the police who are reason for his parents death ?? and how he is going to escape from the police ??

Its a kind of a routine story but the director rotated the movie with his new concept medical issue, that made this movie look some what different. He stays very cool in the movie and he want to kill 5 people. So, that concept made the audience to sit in theaters till the end. one murder... then some college scenes... one more murder... then little comedy with some people. first part continues like this with some grasping, while second part will be slow. Then it feels some bored. story has some drawbacks. We will loose interest on movie if that drawbacks comes out completely. Some thrilling elements are missing in this movie.

Artistes’ Performances:
Nikhil has come out with a nice performance. His is believable acting. He has pulled off this role with out uttering many dialogues. Compared to other movies, Nikhil's acting became some what like under-play. Rithu varma's acting will be like a supporting role.
Rao Ramesh is at his usual best. Ajay, Brahmaji and Priyadarshi make their presence felt. Vennela Kishore’s comedy offers some good laughs in the college.

Technical Excellence:
Though songs (composed by Sunny MR) are not good, the background score by Prasanth Pillai and sound designing is top class. Photography was excellent, while some shots makes us feel woww...!!! It looks like our director Sudheer varma worked hard for this movie and is having talent to bring biggest hits if he choose good stories.

Final punch;
Gundey jaripoindi

Rating- 2.25

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