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You Can Mute Me, But Not Them!

on Aug 22, 2017

Young hero Vijay Deverakonda will next be seen in modern coming-of-age youthful romantic entertainer Arjun Reddy which is talk of the town right now for various reasons and one being Congress senior leader V Hanumantha Rao had torn posters of the lead hero kissing lips of his on screen love interest Shalini Pandey on RTC buses.

Yesterday, Arjun Reddy pre release function was held grandly in Hyderabad. While speaking on the occasion, Vijay used cuss words to exhibit his frustration on censor board. The Pelli Choopulu star stated that he decided the day when director Sandeep Vanga narrated the Arjun Reddy story that this movie is not for kids. Then, he got full clarity on the same while he started shooting for the film.

Although Vijay Deverakonda is not too bothered about his film getting A (Adult) certificate from censor sleuths, what irked him was removing a filthy word from a key sequence. "Censor Board is every filmmakers nightmare. They immediately gave us A Certificate after watching the film. What that hurt me the most was they asked mutes for dialogues, even though they certified the film with A.

Though we tried a lot to explain them to keep the words as it is due to necessity of them in the sequence, saying what would we do when someone misbehaves with our sister or girlfriend or any other family member. I think we need to prove that we have the discretion power to know when those words are used and not used just as fashion."

Furthermore, Vijay Deverakonda made spectators at the event to shout the "Cuss Word" and took a promise from them to vocalize the "word" in a particular sequence as it was muted in the film. "They can mute me in the theaters, but they can't mute you."

Vijay Deverakonda also gave strong reply to those who criticized him in social media using the words "Over Confidence" etc. "Since, I'm very much assured about my film, I will behave like I'm overconfident."

Interim, Arjun Reddy is slated for release on 25th of this month. Let's see whether the film is up to the mark!

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