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Surya Brothers Movie Review

on Oct 12, 2012

Brothers movie review, surya brothers movie review, brothers telugu movie review, brothers movie review, surya brothers review, brothers telugu movie review, surya brothers movie review: After super hit 'Veedokkade', Hero Surya has once again teamed up with director KV Anand for 'Brothers' (Maatran movie). The movie has released in more number of theaters(around 415) in Andhra Pradesh today. This is comparatively greater than the Tamil Nadu theaters count. Read on Surya's Brothers Telugu movie review to know more about the movie.


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Vimal & Akhil(Surya) are conjoined twins born with a genetic birth defect. Their father Ramachandran (Sachin Khenderwal), is a selfish, reputed genetic scientist and runs a energy drink company for kids with malnutrition formula. One day, Vimal gets to know the truth behind his father's formula with the help of a Ukraine journo Volga. Things didn't go well with Ramachandran and he eliminates Volga and apparently, Vimal confronts with his father. Vimal gets killed in a fight and Akhil realizes and starts chasing the secrets behind his father's formula with the help of a translator (Kajal Aggarwal). Will he be successful in bringing out the truth and can he stop his father from doing all these things forms the crux of the story.


Brothers movie starts off on a slow pace and eventually catches the momentum. The entire first half is filled with sentiment, comedy and action. Especially, the interval episode is par excellence. Surya's performance stands out in every scene and director KV Anand has used him to the potential. The director has dealt the first half in a convincing way and with his brilliant screenplay he will make the audience to burst into laughs, emote and think for a while.

However, the second half deviates and it seems the director has faltered in execution up to some extent. Post interval, Brothers movie drags a bit and is predictable. And the songs too come as a hurdle. The songs in the first half are appealing with exotic locales though. The climax episode with perfect mix of emotion and revenge is convincing, heart touching.

TeluguOne Perspective:

The movies that deal with genetic fallacies has to be dealt the right way with a proper screenplay. And, here in the case of Brothers, I feel director KV Anand has lived up to it. The plot is different from the director's early outings and this time too he has made it look interesting. Right from his casting to narration, it is evident that KV Anand has done a brilliant job. However, the logical part in the story goes missing and couple of scenes in the second half goes the other way.

Too much drama in the second half made Brothers look like a stale attempt and as and soon the suspense is revealed it goes on a predictable note. But, the justification towards the end made it look even crisp and the director's determination and confidence in the script needs a special mention. Overall, Brothers has all the commercial elements to be a winner at box office. Except for couple of scenes, the movie looks fresh and one can watch it for Surya's outstanding performance.


Surya has come up with a stellar performance and the work he does to mold himself to any kind of role needs special accolades. His acting after Vimal's death is top class and heart touching. His is very endearing through out the movie and apparently he has carried it on his shoulders. Kajal Aggarwal has delivered a superb performance in a significant role. Sachin Khedekar is impressive. Tara, Ravi Prakash have played their part well. Isha Sharwani sizzles in a item song.


Editing by Anthony could have been crisp in the second half. Sounder Rajan's cinematography is a delight to watch. Dialogues by Shashank Vennelakanti are catchy. The dialogue “Naaku Hrudayam lekapoina spandana undi' received thumping response. Music by Harris Jayaraj is ok and the back ground score is impressive. Rajeevan's art direction is superb.


Surya's performance
KV Anand direction
couple of songs


Screenplay in second half
Movie's run time

Final Word: Watch Brothers movie for Surya's brilliant performance and KV Anand's fantastic direction.

Brothers Movie TeluguOne Rating: 3/5

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