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Shadow Telugu Movie Review

on Apr 26, 2013

After the failure of 'Shakthi', Meher Ramesh has teamed up with star writers Kona Venkat and Gopimohan for 'Shadow' movie. Venkatesh, who has already delivered a hit this year with 'SVSC' is coming up with this action entertainer in this summer. Check out Shadow Movie Review to know more .

Cast : Venkatesh, Srikanth, Taapsee Pannu, Madhurima, Aditya Pancholi, MS Narayana etc
Story : Kona Venkat, Gopimohan
Screenplay, Direction : Meher Ramesh
Music & BGM : SS Thaman
Cinematography : Prasad Murella
Editing : Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer : Paruchuri Kireeti
Banner : United Movies


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Raghuram (Nagababu) is an undercover journalist who joins mafia to know about their secrets and works on Operation SHADOW. After collecting the entire information about them, Raghuram comes to know that he has been cheated by his own people. Mafia group kills Raghuram, his wife and daughter brutally in front of his son Rajaram/Shadow (Venkatesh). The rest of the story is all about how Shadow has avenged the death of his family members.


Shadow movie begins with a mafia backdrop set in the year 1993. By the time Shadow character is introduced, audience will come to know about the complete plot. First half of the film is mixed with some action and comedy elements. Comedy scenes are adequate but they might not go well with the audience. Pre climax action episode has been shot well but the dialogue by Venkatesh to Aditya Pancholi lacked the punch. Second half of the movie begins with Venkatesh's return to India. To justify the tittle (Shadow), climax action episode has been composed in dark and there is nothing much to specify about this block.

Teluguone Perspective

Going by the previous films of director Meher Ramesh, one can easily understand that he is a director who gives a lot of importance to the style factor rather than script. But, when there is nothing new in the story, director needs to take a lot of care in screenplay and dialogues to make the film gripping. Meher Ramesh has once again failed in these departments. After an energetic and a well choreographed tittle song, audience will definitely expect a lot but leaving behind the production values, nothing seemed to be good.

Every director works hard on the script and everyone wants success. When a director is given a chance to make a film with a star like Venkatesh, more concentration should be made on the script rather than spending hefty amount on grandeur. It is really sad to see one of the best actor's of Telugu cinema in such a poor film.


Venkatesh is one of the best actors in Telugu cinema and there is nothing new to say about his dedication and acting skills. Taapsee looked glamorous specially in the songs. Aditya Pancholi looked good as a don. Srikanth and Madhurima are just ok. Same goes with MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan, Srinivasa Reddy and JP. Rahul Dev, Naga Babu and Geetha etc have done their job.


Music by SS Thaman in just ok and the BGM is good. Cinematography by Prasad Murella is fine. Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan has provided the story which is nothing new to the Telugu cinema audience. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh could have been much better. Art work by AS Prakash is good.


Taapsee Pannu


Predictable scenes
Childish Comedy
Not so special dialogues

Final Word : 'Shadow' is disappointing. Watch it if you want to see Venkatesh on the big screen.

Shadow Movie Rating : 2.25/5

Reviewed by Vamsi Kaka

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