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Did Nutan Naidu bribe to enter Bigg Boss

on Jul 11, 2018

Bigg Boss is a show where a few contestants were selected from a range of celebrities. Most of the celebrities might get eliminated in the process of the show. but their popularity for being a Bigg Boss contestant would certainly give them a new life. Actress Hari Teja could be a best example for it. So how could a common man like Nutan Naidu able to enter the show has been a million dollar question among the netizens.


People began speculating that Nutan has paid a huge amount to step into the house. However Nutan has dismissed these allegations. `They have not even accepted a biscuit box from me,’ said Nutan in a recent interview. However his reply didn’t calm down the rumours. It’s getting really hard for people to accept his entry into the house without any reason. Is ther one!


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