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Ram, Tamanna Strike Perfect Chemistry

on Jul 22, 2011

Grapevine says that Ram and Tamanna are having gala time working together for their forthcoming venture Yendukante.. Premanta. Understandably, they have fallen in love with their roles so much so they are taking that extra care to perfect their performances. Not just that, the lead pair are found giving each other friendly advices on how to better themselves every passing day. Much to the relief of the director, Karunakaran, Ram and Tamanna struck a folksy rapport from day one.


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Needless to say, it has helped the director because he never had a tough time making them get into the skin of their characters. It is the first ever Ram-Tamanna combination and the stills reveal that the combo will sizzle on the screen. Produced by Sravanthi Ravikishore, Yendukante.. Premanta is currently shooting at Ramoji Film City.

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