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Director Criminal Case Against News Channel

on Feb 20, 2018

Whatever that maverick director Ram Gopal Varma does becomes a sensation. He was recently probed for making a pornographic film called ‘God Sex And Truth’ and also for making derogatory remarks on a woman activist.

RGV has now taken a dramatic resolution. He has announced to file criminal cases against popular Telugu news channel TV 9. He called news leaks from an ongoing investigation as a crime.

“Am in the process of filing multiple cases including criminal charges on TV 9 channel... My lawyers are presently gathering all the relevant materials. TV9 channel under Rajnikant is distorting facts and presenting false news... spreading malicious and derogatory perceptions..it’s claims of news leaks from an ongoing investigation is a crime… TV 9 will be soon dealt with as per the laws of the land,” said RGV.

Recently, RGV made interesting comments on Pawan Kalyan saying he likes powerstar as much as he loves porn. “I like Pawan Kalyan as much as Porn and that makes him Porn Kalyan for me ..That’s as real as #GodSexTruth. Because of the tremendous popularity of both Porn and Pawan , I think Porn Kalyan is an ultimate brand ..I personally like Porn and Pawan unequally equally and equally unequal. #PornKalyan.”

Meanwhile, RGV is making an action thriller film with Nagarjuna.

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