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Pawan Having Eye Problem!

on May 15, 2018

Power Star Pawan Kalyan for quite some time is seen wearing black glasses even during the night. Many started speculating on Pawan Kalyan's changed behavior, mannerisms and personality. People felt that he is making style statements to attract everyone.

Pawan Kalyan however while speaking at the Rangasthalam success meet made clear that he was not wearing glasses to make any style statements but for other reason. Many wondered the reason behind Pawan Kalyan using glasses and their curiosity increased when Pawan appeared for the audio launch of Nela Ticket too with glasses.

Even recently, while he climbed the steps to reach Tirumala from Tirupati, he sported glasses. But when he removed the glasses occasionally, it was noticed that he was suffering from eye infection in his left eye. It is clearly seen that his upper eye lid was swollen with little lumps and also has redness. Sources say constant traveling and busy schedule infected his eyes.

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