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Nela Ticket Review

on May 25, 2018


A movie can be of two kinds
Good movie
Worst movie
A good movie can have some loopholes... a worst movie can have some good strokes. But there would be some movies in which you can’t find a plus point even if you search with a scanner. Nela Ticket would fall under such category.
There is story in this movie, but there isn’t any essence.
There are actors, but they lack any spirit.
There are songs but there isn’t any kick in them.
There are fights, but there isn’t any cheer among them.
Finally the hero and the producer who chose the movie don’t have any common sense in them.


People call Raviteja as Nela Ticket. He got that name as he grew up in a theatre. He is complete extrovert who loves being among the people. He would do anything for someone who calls him by name. While being in Hyderabad, Raviteja gets into a clash with the followers of Home Minister (Jagapathi Babu). That would be starting point of war between Home Minister and the Nela Ticket. Who has won this battle? What has happened between Home Minister and Nela Ticket?... are the issues that have to be watched in the theatre.


Raviteja and Kalyan Krishna might have jumped into the project only for the sake of the title. That’s the reason why we had to watch such a classic! Was there any story in the movie, and if there is some story, did the director cared about it? .... would be the doubt that evokes in our minds. A lot of scenes flash on the screen without any rhyme and reason! None of them would have any connectivity. Umpteenth flash backs keep dragging the movie. We won’t be able to understand the story and its reason till the interval. And there won’t be any advantage even if we were able to understand the story after the interval. By the time, the director would have beaten the soul out of us. There isn’t any intelligence used between the war of hero and villain. It’s not a cakewalk that an ordinary person challenges a Home Minister. How much fire should prevail in such scenes? But the director has shot the movie without any logic. He has even added various troubles to the sauce. These have only made the movie much more useless. The viewers are puzzled with the scenes with neither an order nor logic. Such was the range of the screenplay. If the viewer is unable to connect with the emotion in the movie, there won’t be use of any superstar performing in the movie. Climax too is hopeless and fragile. Jagapathi babu`s change of heart looked artificial. But it won’t be surprising considering the mood of the movie.

Actor`s performance

There were movies where Raviteja has lifted up with solo performance. But this movie is far from that. The ambition of director to lift the movie on the character of Raviteja has failed. Malavika Sharma looked glamorous but didn’t get enough prominence. Her chemistry with Raviteja too hasn’t worked out. The director couldn’t utilise Jagapathi babu. In fact he couldn’t do justice to any character. None of the characters have a perfect entry or exit. Such was the screenplay.

Technical aspects

Kalyan Krishna has disastrously failed as writer and director. What could we expect from other departments as the director himself has failed? Songs were pathetic. The editor has forgotten the basic rules of editing. The movie doesn’t look good even on the technical horizon. If the viewer gets a feeling that the movie was in a hurry burry, it’s not his mistake.

Plus points
Please don’t ask

Minus points
Can’t pick out one

Final punch
Made the viewer to bite dust

Rating: 1

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