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NTR To Arrest Navdeep

on Aug 12, 2017

Young Tiger Jr NTR hosting Bigg Boss Show is already a super hit. As announced, two contestants will be eliminated from the show this week. And, a new contestant will make entry into the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry this week.

Young hero Navdeep who was probed in drugs case is the new contestant to join Bigg Boss house. Navdeep is a good actor, but he spoiled his career on own by accepting to do worthless films. And, he is in more trouble with SIT including his name in drug addicts list.

Keeping aside all these factors, Navdeep's entry will further boost prospects on the show, since he is a fun loving guy and knows how to entertain audiences. It may be mentioned here that, Navdeep has anchored few TV shows in the past.

The participants to be eliminated will be announced tomorrow by NTR and at the same time Navdeep will join the Bigg Boss house this weekend. Thus, Navdeep will be remained arrested in Bigg Boss house until he is eliminated or win the series.

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