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Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja Marriage

on Sep 2, 2011

Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja marriage with Shilpa took place yesterday in Tirupati.  Yuvan Shankar Raja's wedding is not a grand affair as hsi wedding went silently with close family relatives and friends attending. Yuvan Shankar Raja and Shilpa marriage was held at 10:20 am on September 1, 2011, where Yuvan has kept the marriage as a closely guarded secret since it is his second marriage. However, the event was publicized and eventually everyone came to know about it before the Yuvan's wedding. Remember, Yuvan's first marriage with Sujaya ended in divorce in 2008 and the promising music director now found Shilpa as his life partner. Below are Yuvan Shankar Raja's marriage photos


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