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Priyanka in biopic of Mithali Raj

on Jul 10, 2018


It’s raining biopics in the Bollywood. After the biopics of Dhoni and Tendulkar... the latest cricketer to result a biopic would be Mithali Raj. Yes! A movie is being made on the the most successful women cricketer from India. The shoot for the biopic will start early in 2019. But can you expect the choice of Mithali Raj for her role on the screen! It’s Priyanka Chopra. "I think Priyanka Chopra will be a great choice (for my biopic). Our personalities match a lot. I am not a movie buff, so I'd love the experts to do their job,’’ said Mithali during an interview. It’s not new for Priyanka to play some other’s real life role in a biopic. She has successfully done it in `Mary Kom’. However things have changed since then. Priyanka is charging huge amounts for her call sheets. Can the producers of Milathi’s biopic venture for such huge investment.

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