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Mahesh Babu and Anna Hazare Funny Pic
Jan 7, 2012  Telugu Cinema News : Like This :
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This is a funny pic of Mahesh Babu and Anna Hazare where the former is telling about the mission he accomplished in Mumbai. Anna Hazare, on the other hand is undergoing treatment in Pune and enquiring the latter’s whereabouts. This funny photo is currently doing rounds in social networking sites.

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Posted By Janardhan Posted Date: 2012-01-09 06:01:11
Too much boss. Pawan Kalyan oka Manchi hero and actor varaku ok. But comparing with mahesh is silly dude........asalu nuvvaina p.k cinemalu theatre lo choodagalava? Entha kevvu boss. Asalu director ki chance ivvadu
Posted By kishore Posted Date: 2012-01-09 01:01:31
pls don't talk about p kalyan beacause he is everest thats why pls don't compare with mahesh babu