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Lanka Movie Review

on Apr 21, 2017

Cast: Raasi, Sai Ronak, Ina Saaha, Sijju, Supreeth, Leena Siddhu, Rajesh, Sathya, Sudarshan etc.
Direction: Sri Muni
Banner: Rolling Rocks Entertainments
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Cinematography: V Ravi Kumar
Release Date: Apr 21, 2017

Yesteryear glamorous heroine Raasi and her husband director Sri Muni pinned many hopes on the film. Let’s see whether this film has potential content to please movie buffs…

Malayalam actress Swathi (Ina Saaha) comes to Hyderabad to shoot her film. On the other hand, a wannabe director (Sai Ronak) and DOP plan to shoot a short film and are in search of a heroine. Swathi accepts to work for their project. However, they don’t know that, Swathi is a superstar in Malayalam. They go to a secluded place which belongs to Rebecca (Raasi) who has a tragic past. Swathi becomes close to Rebecca in no time as the former finds peace with telepathy therapy taught by the latter. However, things turn swiftly with Swathi goes missing after short film shoot is completed. Police enquire the short film director and then Rebecca in the matter. Shockingly, Rebecca introduces herself as Swathi to police? Why did she say that? Who’s Rebecca? What’s her past? What’s the problem Swathi has been suffering from? Why Rebecca becomes close to Swathi? How is telepathy therapy linked to story?

1. Plot
2. Raasi Performance

1. Complexed Screenplay
2. Sluggish Narration
3. Weak Editing
4. Music
5. Immature Making


Sri Muni made the film based on the concept of ‘Telepathy’ which means “feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience" is the purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. A Malayalam star heroine Ina has a personal problem due to which she accepts to do a short film. She moves close to Raasi who helps her relieving from a psychological disorder. Nonetheless, Isha goes missing and Raasi introduces herself as Swathi (Ina Saaha) to police. Police finds a diary in which Raasi’s past life is written. When police got clarification where Swathi is hidden, a big and unexpected twist arrives. This twist will surely surprise and it is the best part in the film. Then, movie ends with pretty ordinary climax. While, first half caters nothing for any section of audiences, there are few engaging elements here and there in second half.

Artists Performances:
Raasi steals the show with her performance. She has shown her experience in key sequences. The getup, costumes of Raasi are simply perfect. Sai Ronak is good looks wise and is decent performance wise. Ina Saaha pulled off the role of an actress troubling from a psychological disorder quite efficiently. She has oozed oomph in songs. Sathya and Sudarshan provided some entertainment. Sijju is a surprise package and Supreeth is good as a police officer. Other artists are okay.

Technical Aspect:
Director Sri Muni picked a unique plot. But, he botched completely to pen it engagingly and narrate exhilaratingly. First half of writing was almost scrap with not much story narrated in it, though second half writing was far better. Music provided by Sricharan Pakala was a drawback. Neither songs, nor background score were fascinating. Cinematography by V Ravi Kumar was decent. Editing by Karthika Srinivas was biggest disadvantage. There was abrupt ending and no transitions in between scenes. Production values of Rolling Rocks Entertainments are middling.

Lanka has no enthralling elements for any section of audiences. It’s better, skipping this film.

TeluguOne Perspective:
Watching the film is the same torturous feeling for audiences like how it was for Seetha being in Lanka.

Rating: 1.5

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