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Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Review

on Oct 19, 2018


Actors: Ram, Anupama Parameshwaran, Prakash Raj, Pranitha Subhash, Aanmi, Praveen, Swami Rara Satya, Posani Krishnamurthy and others

Camera: Vijay K. Chakravarthy

Story, Dialogues: Prasanna Kumar Bejawada

Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina

Music: Devisri Prasad

Production Company: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Producers: Sirish-Lakshman

Screenplay, directed by: Trinathrao Rakshana

Release date: October 18, 2018


Hello Guru Prema Kosame is a combination of Actor Ram, Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina and Producer Dil Raju. After Vunnadi Okkate Zindi, this is Ram’s next & for Dil Raju after a series of flops, romantic cinema ‘Hello Guru Prema Kosame’ is the only hope. Now let us see if the movie has won the audiences hearts.

Story: Sanju (Ram), is a Kakinada boy looking for job after completing his education but does not want to come out of his comfort zones. Finally he gets a software job & is forced to move to Hyderabad, where he is asked to stay at a family friend aka Vishwanath’s (Prakashraj) house. While his journey to Hyderabad, he meets Anu (Anupama Parameshwaran) & tries to scare her. Upon realizing that she is Vishwanath’s daughter – he tries to befriend her since they will have to stay in the same house.

In the due course – Sanju falls in love with Anu. How does Sanju fall in love with Anu? Even after knowing that Sanju is in love with his daughter – why is Vishwanath still cool? Does Anu reciprocates Sanju’s feelings? If yes, then why did she agree to marry the guy who is her father’s choice? And finally how did Sanju’s love story win? Answers to these questions form the storyline.

Analysis: There is nothing new to be highlighted as far as the story of the movie is concerned. Also there are no twists and turns in the story. Characters chosen for the cinema are also not very unique, but despite all this there is lot of comedy in the movie. And for giving a decent comedy Actors Ram & Prakashraj have given a good support to the Director.

Cinematographer has tried to make each frame beautiful. Again, the movie has not received a good support from Music Director Devi Sri Prasad – the songs are just average. To be frank the movie seems to be a sequel of ‘Nenu Local’ & ‘Cinema Choopista Mava’. Shadows of these two cinemas can be felt very well. Audience can only notice a new emotion when the Heroine’s father makes friendship with the Hero, which throws a limelight on the generation gap. Emotion and Humor get enough space and do not get diluted throughout.

Starting with Sanju’s journey from Kakinada to Hyderabad followed by the training sequence at the software office and the scenes at the coffee shop where the orders are made and later on the worry regarding the bill starts makes the audience laugh heart out since each one of us can relate ourselves to the certain situations. Especially the current generation will image themselves in those scenes. All in all the first half runs without brakes. On the other hand during the second half audience can feel the speed breakers & sudden breaks.

Every scene from start to end, the audience will feel like they have seen them before. The climax of the movie seems very weak since it can be felt that, Director was in a hurry to frame the climax.

Performances: Ram is energetic as always and has also done some good dance steps for all the songs. The chemistry between Prakashraj and Ram has worked out very well. Anupama Parameshwaran has done her job well. Pranita’s role is very weak and does not seem like she is the second heroine. Her presence can be greatly felt only in a song. The dialogues written for the Amma’s role ad her acting is very impressive. Though Praveen has appeared in just a few scenes, he has done his job well by making the audience laugh. Posani Murlikrishna has been restricted for 2 or 3 scenes.

Final Verdict: Without expecting any logic, if you want to merely enjoy the comedy – you can surely watch the movie. On the contrary, if you are expecting a fresh story and its new fragrance – it is better to be away from this movie. ‘Hello Guru Prema Kosam’ – is just a comedy film.

Rating: 2/5

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