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Actor arrested for threatening co-star

on Jul 9, 2018


Sanjay Mukherjee is a popular actor in Bengali. However he became much popular this week due to his act. Sanjay was booked by the Kolkata police under various sections. Reason! A complaint was filed by his co actress Sayantika Banerjee. She alleged that on Friday, Sanjay overtook her vehicle on the road and began threatening her. He has even assaulted her assistant who tried to pacify Sanjay. Joy left the place only after the intervening of passers-by. Sanjay and Sayantika were co-stars in two movies and were said to be seeing together for a while. Things turned violet when a few misunderstandings crept up. Angered with the break up, Sanjay took to road seeking a revenge on her ex girl friend.

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