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Anchor Pradeep Clarifies, But Not Fully

on Jan 5, 2018

Popular anchor Pradeep Machiraju has earned name for hosting several TV shows successfully. He is indeed one of the busiest anchors in Telugu. However, one gaffe threw him into troubles.

As we all know, Pradeep was caught while driving his car drunk. He is yet to attend the counseling session at the Traffic Training Institute in Hyderabad. There have been speculations that, Pradeep has been absconding and a top politician is assisting him to come out of the case.

Finally, Pradeep reacted to the allegations through a video. “We all know what happened on December 31. I'm following all proceedings as per law. I will definitely attend counseling and the proceedings that will follow. Since, I had prior shooting commitments and my phone was continuously ringing, I couldn’t take up all the calls. This has left people worried that I'm not available. That is not the case,” said Pradeep.

Pradeep also clarified about an old video of his from last year, being circulated on social networking sites, where he requested adults not to drink and drive.

"As far as the old video is concerned, I had said that and have ended up in this situation. Therefore, I hope that no one repeats the mistake that I did. Thank you," he added.

Nonetheless, Pradeep didn’t speak a word about the allegations of a political leader’s daughter with him in the car on that day. As per reports, that political leader is trying his best to save Pradeep from the case.

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