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Actress Controversial Remarks On Bigg Boss

on Jul 17, 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu show which marks young tiger Jr NTR’s debut into small screen began yesterday with the actor introducing all the contestants. An upcoming actress Manasa Himavarsha who was seen in films like Pawan Kalyan’s Katamarayudu where she played Shiva Balaji’s love interest and Vamsy’s Fashion Designer made controversial remarks on Bigg Boss Show. She said she is very glad of not being part of the show.

Ok, Now I feel glad not being a part of it. #Beginstoday #seriousshit #ifonlyUknowWhatimean,” posted Manasa on her social blogging site. The actress was trolled by JR NTR fans and few others for her contentious annotations.

* Think before u speak....respect people, not because of their stature but because they are your fellow humans....seems like you haven't learned any such thing from your parents, or atleast after working with pawan kalyan...

* First of all who r u, if u come to big boss everyone want to Google ur name 2 know who u r , wait what u r not even shown by Google lol...

After NTR fans attacking the actress for her comments, she tried to cool them saying, “Guys Guys Guys , , , could you just relax a bit ??? Did u even see me mentioning NTR anywhere in my posts ? No point in just trolling me over my honest opinions...

Few stated that Manasa was doing all this for attention grabbing. She replied them saying, “And , another point to notice is that my love for NTR is anyday most immense.. and if only words speak more , check back into few of my interviews where ,in each ,I only ever mentioned my most favorite as NTR and his dance is something which spells me bound and there is no way i would mock his work in any form of it...I am neither here trying to get into the buttering mode , nor am I going to delete my post written . I mean each word what I wrote for the reasons each of of us know and stop deviating the issue to the host.

Publicity stunt and me ?? ???
As I see this word attention seeker,quite highlighted by many of u, all I would say is you are never so wrong about me folks .I am the most non controversial person and I stay miles away to anything that would provoke a over night fame.I do my bit of job and stay at peace . . If only I had to, in the Past did many a occasions raised to which I never had my head turned and wil remain the same no matter what may come N go. I really care nuts for popularity”

Analysts say that, if Manasa didn’t like the show, she would have stay calmed rather posting such controversial comments.

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