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Movie: badrinath
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Rating : 2.50
Released On : Jun 10, 2011
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Badrinath Review - Badrinath Movie Review - Badrinath Telugu Movie Review: After a series of debacles, Allu Ajrun comes with the super-hyped movie Badrinath. In fact,  Badrinath Telugu movie review will be one of the most awaited reviews of the year. Can Badrinath create history or will be another mundane script let's find out from Badrinath movie review.

Badrinath Movie Story:

Bheeshama Narayana (Prakash Raj) adopts Badri (Allu Arjun) and makes him the Rakshaka Bhatudu - protector to the Badrinath temple and Takshalika house of God. Alakananda (Tamanna) does not believe in God and spirituality but one day, she visits Badrinath place along with her grandfather. There Alakananda comes across Allu Arjun, who  makes her believe in God and Alakananda eventually falls in love with Badri. On the flip side, the villain Kelly Dorge tries to get his son's marrriage with Alakananda and on the other hand Bheeshama Narayana imposes a condition that if Badri wants to be the protector of Takshalika house of God, he needs to be a life long Bachelor and not love anyone. How Badri defies all odds and wins Tamaanna and also his guru Bheeshama Narayana forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Bringing on romantic anecdotes amid action settings to lure mass audiences is a common phenomenon to Telugu film industry. However, director VV Vinayak has chosen a spirituality based love story for his movie Badrinath and eventually made a huge mess. Badrinath is a mixture of Indra, Shakti and Magadheera and director Vinayak was only adding scenes to the movie and nothing else. Like expected, Allu Arjun's Badrinath is a piteous movie with dearth of interesting script, gripping screenplay and most of the scenes are a copycat stuff.

Vinayak's taking of elevating the scenes reminds the audiences of watching movies in similar format as Badrinath movie lacks tightly knitted storyline. Even the screenplay is cockeyed and vulnerable. One might just get the feeling that Badrinath film lacks pace, tempo and all in all the movie suffers from fundamental flaw – lack of packed script. Badrinath movie review is not a roller coaster ride, but we experience the hangover vibes reverberating the previously copied movies. Director VV Vinayak thought to make Badrinath movie a creation with the cognizance in Telugu cinema history but he has bite the dust with this lackluster story and screenplay.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Tell us how many times will Chinni Krishna make the same old story? And what is director VV Vinayak doing when he was given such a repeated and run of the mill script. Perhaps Vinayak thought to compensate the lusterless script using technical extravagance in large quantity but we are afraid that's gone horribly wrong. There are few shots that hooks the audience with lot of enthusiasm but only in bits and pieces. Graphics and other technical aspects are not put to best of the use to suit the script. Director VV Vinayak did not have the perfect script and gripping screenplay to convince the subject on the celluloid.

Plus Points

  • Visual Ggrandeur
  • Allu Arjun's dance


  • Weak story
  • Screenplay not gripping
  • Copy of scenes from previous movies
  • Predictable scenes and climax
  • Unnecessary songs


Allu Arjun looks masculine with his toned body but his dialogues does not match his physique. He has improved a lot in his dialogue delivery but he needs to still work on his script selection. There are too many dance steps but they lack grace.

Tamanna has delivered a matured performance. She already proved her mettle with 100% Love movie and this role in Badrinath is just an extension not only in terms of glamor but also in performance. Prakash Raj does welll as Guru. The charters of Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam and MS Narayana are a waste.


Production values of Geeta Arts are impressive and it is one of the biggest spent movie of Telugu cinema industry. MM Keervani has done an OK job for the music.  Three songs are foot-tapping and fantastically choreographed. Rest of the songs are not so catchy and peppy. The background score once again resembles Indra and Magadheera. Art work is commendable. Top-notch camerawork and performances in this episode alone are worth tons of praises but the dialogues by Rajendra are also not awe-inspiring and powerful.

Final Word

Badrinath is yet another movie that tried to repeat Magadheera and has bitten the dust. Its time for guys like Chinni Krishna and VV Vinayak to seriously think and discuss about their skills. And in one word, Badrinath is hapless.


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